Evolution of an Artist #3... Elements of Art


Evolution of an Artist #3...

So now I'm technically coming together through practice and persistence.  My creative passion is still the gas that runs this engine!  I have to tell you, making art is sometimes delightfully messy and surprising.  I think of that as playtime.  
Where I am  taking myself is where the Masters have been:   working with the basic elements of art, before their genius  expands and creates masterpieces! 
Now, I am nowhere near the genius expansion part of this story,  but I am enriching my understanding and working knowledge of values, color, shapes and  line work.  I navigate creatively towards my painting's focal point and compose compelling designs using texture and form.
When many of these elements are utilizes by the artist,  the viewer is led into the painting and expertly guided their way to the focal point relaying the story, emotion, or meaning to the viewer.  Art that moves people.  Art that makes a difference.  This, by the way, is the secret sauce all artists desire.
Talking about the Masters makes me a little nervous showing my paintings but images make good teachers.

The color temperature is predominantly cool with a warm  focus in the chairs.  The dark values make interesting shadows and curious background. Look at all those circles and swirls.  The green is enough interesting color to indicate old iron and strength.
Shapes, value, and form.
Who doesn't think old fashion Christmas?
This composition has heaviness on top following the dark line down the right to the last vertical bell...and look, those two twines take your eye right back into the painting.  Blue and orange are complimentary colors which are strong and soothing.
Color, shape, and movement.
The dark and light values in the pinecone and diagonal branch give a strong presence on front of the pale blue sky.  Look at the shadows lines on the pinecone, interesting, yes?  Lots of line work in this painting yet the sky gives plenty of space for the eyes to rest.  Line, texture, and value.
Next week I'll have a beautiful technique to show and tell you about, Painting with Pours.  When you pull it off you are blessed with incredible paintings.

Thank you for your continued interest.
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