Evolution of an Artist #4...Experimentation

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Evolution of an Artist... #4...Experimentation...

Art makers play, work hard, and experiment.  It's our recipe for success.

I'm in the studio alot, alone, and love this time to think and try out all the ideas I have while lying in bed, awake at 4am.  I don't mind failure and frustration as it's a common entree on my artistic menu.   But, I expect and accept the challenges.  Some of them are laughable like...seriously...they say I have talent?  And some are colossal inspirations!

Artists gravitate to novel experiences and testing what others have beautifully accomplished.  One's intrinsic style combined with another's technique creates inspiring outcomes. Perhaps workshops are popular for this very reason, the birthing of new art and ideas.

I experienced a  fun period where I would mix several different  ounces of pure pigment. I would cover areas of paper I wanted to leave white with a masking fluid then pour small amounts of pigments and let it flow and dry...then  repeated the process several times.  Check out my results below!

I worked light to dark.
It's a nice soft color mingling, don't you think?
Of course the spotlight stealer are those dark railing shadows!  My close friend has a saying painted on her studio walls: " Color gets all the credit but Value does all the work."  I think that's true here.
Here is another example of pouring pigments.  I found using the masking fluid beneficial to save my lightest values.  
Note to self:  pouring pigments is like flowing watercolor washes on steroids!...there is NO control!  At least for this control freak artist!
My above paintings turned out well.  The staircase painting juried into the Northwest Watercolor Society and the boat scene hangs in a Collectors home.
But if you are interested in the process and want to view the originator and master at watercolor pouring, check out Linda Daly Baker's website.   www.lindadalybaker.com.   Vibrant, fresh, and masterful!

Next week I have some really unique pieces to show and tell you about!  Working with non-staining pigments and lifting out light values.

Thank you for your continued interest!