Music- Art- Fusion

True Story....

Last week I joined a group of musicians at the Sitka Center for Arts & Ecology, here in Oregon, to experience inspiration in the Landscape.  I'm not a musician but the topic interested me.  I learned how great composers had utilized nature to inspire and listened to amazing examples.  The goal was to spend time under the giant sitka trees and  take in the landscape, sounds, feelings, textures, smells, and that secret thing nature emits.  After hiking back to the center in the afternoon,  we were instructed to 'scatter and write our music'.

I'm a Visual Artist...I don't have music in me... I sat in discomfort.  

Soon I re-experienced that place and allowed visual reminders to form into words...which flowed into poetic phrases, describing the emergence of a painting in color and clarity.

To my surprise, the first to share her experience was a vocalist.  She recited  words capturing the landscape with differing verbal inflections, pitch, and vocal descriptors.  Sitting across the room from her I eagerly followed and read my poem.  The musicians were between us and we decided to both read our shared experiences together, at the same time.  What occurred was spontaneous, garbled, spitting out bits of phrases and distinct words;  emerging as one cohesive two perspectives.  Quite a unique creative moment.

They played their new landscape music and talked of concepts...which I continue to dissect.  These unique people opened me to music and inspiration in new ways.  

Moral of my story:  sitting in discomfort provided me space.... allowing new thoughts and ideas to swirl and emerge.  Taking risk and joining a group of musicians... turned out to be the least dumb idea I've  ever had.