Powerful Paintings and the Importance of 'Dud' Paintings


I woke up at 3am today. 

Lying there following my thoughts…coffee…studio…sketching…happy.  Why is this so important to me?  More thoughts, answers, and visuals became interesting enough to get up (get coffee) and write.  What surfaced clarified previous feelings without words.

My studio is a place I connect with myself.

Like many, I surround myself with  routines and things that comfort and please me.  A fire in the fireplace ( yes, even early mornings in summer), scented candle, favorite music.  There are low lights throughout the studio but my work table is brightly illuminated and I always stand and move. I’m visually aware of my surroundings, sometimes am inspired to sing, and often take a break to pick up hand weights for upper body repetitions.  This all feeds my senses, activates good emotions and physically makes me feel Very Alive!  Focused action.  Simple and joyful.  It’s that feeling of creating and engaging all parts of me.  It’s the why of what I do.

In working with ‘The Life Of Trees”, I lost my way several times in that painting.  I sketch in large shapes and placement structures then will add and alter the secondary supporting shapes.  I enjoy this and am always thinking “what if”.  Well, my “what ifs” became complicated but I continued, until I came to a point where I thought, “I don’t think I’ll like this one”.  And, the switch occurred from Working a painting to Playing a painting.  No worries, just free flow energy creating fun and surprise.  Because of this, I’ve learned to finish paintings to completion.  Many are beauties and sell.  And some are emotional favorites that have taught me to trust myself, to adjust some of the art elements, and to let go and paint for the feeling of bliss in the moment.  I keep these powerful dud paintings.  Feel free to visit my studio and gallery…I’ll bring some out and introduce you to the lessons I’ve learned.