Value: Processing Significance


VALUE...Processing Significance

Sometimes I hear a word or read a statement that sticks with me until I fully process it.  Lately I have been exploring the concept of  ‘value’. Three distinct thoughts immediately come to mind:  

  • I paint with values:  those lights, mid tones, and darks
  •  I also ‘have values’, or my guiding principles, and
  •  I assign meaning or value to life experiences.

 During my former career years as a Registered Nurse, I loved my work with people and developed relationships and stories that still feed my soul. I delivered value that was expressed through service and compassion. I was very good, and felt valued.  Now I paint.
This full-time studio immersion has broadened my horizons, tremendously.  I am happy in this world of creative freedom as I present my paintings in a variety of ways from shows, to competitions and online.  I have this additional talent and now express myself uniquely in artistic creation. After much thought and stillness, I decided that it’s enough for me to create from my heart and offer this part of myself. 
Same value, different expressions.