Evolution of an Artist #1.... Sketchbooks and Drawings

Evolution of an Artist...#1

It has been three years this month since I began exploration into my present painting technique which I refer to as Tri/Quad/Shapes.  I'm grateful to all of you who follow my work on social media and attend my open studio & gallery.  It has been a  productive and creative year for me.  I'm breathing in this satisfaction as I pull out my sketchbooks and older painting photos;  to appreciate my former interests, skill level,  and personal growth opening myself to what could be.  It's been a fun and interesting visit into my past and I thought I would share images and comments with you these next 6 weeks.  Yes...I have a lot to share :-)

Drawing, drawing, drawing....am forever seeing, studying, and drawing.  This is the basis of how I create.  Some artists dream and incorporate those images into their art.  Some paint images so often in their work they can access these and alter their own creative ideas.  Early on I would draw and paint what I saw with personal focus on realism.  You can see how my animal sketches progressed into miniature paintings.
Back then, as now, it didn't matter how many times I would get to a certain point then mess up and start over.  Would study the area and practice before attempting again.In this manner I would teach myself how to paint.  Eventually I would acquire a certain expertise then move onto something more challenging again.  You'll see that in next week's newsletter.
So at this point I acknowledge that patience and consistent practice is necessary to progress.  My piano is looking at me from across the room!  Oh dear.

Thank you for your continued interest.