Evolution of an Artist #5...Art and Meaning


Evolving As an Artist #5...Art and Meaning...

One nice day, and for no apparent reason, I parked outside the  nearby Skyline hilltop cemetery and walked among the old tall trees and equally old and ornate monuments. They  were fascinating and beautiful to me and I noticed many similarities among dozens of headstones and sculptures.  Plants, flowers, angels, doves, and animals, were some of many.   
Symbology and art forms...also known as Stories in Stone.  I was intrigued and  began my inquiry into monuments, sculpture, and communication.  Around this same time I had been exploring properties of pigments, especially how I could "lift" or remove paint off the paper and obtain a lighter value.  This works well with non staining pigments.  I sketched out my subject then poured paint onto the paper and let it dry.  I then took a wet brush and began lifting paint off to get this result!

Check out my paintings to see how I combined my dual interests:
Art and Meaning.
It's Subjective. 
Yet examining those monuments I knew the symbols portrayed love and loss.  Symbols are powerful, as are paintings, music, theater, and sculpture.  They are appreciated for beauty, memory, longing, happiness and other emotions.  Both represent a concept or underlying meaning, or quality.  I enjoyed this facet of my progress and exhibited my paintings  focusing on art and symbolism. 
One day my son asked me, "When are you going to be done with this phase?"  Not for everyone, I guess.

Next week I'll be discussing my present work.  Many of you have followed me for years and some are new to how I  created and achieve this technique,  and where I am taking it.  

Thank you for your continued interest,